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Gluten-Free Ancient Grain – Direct from the Farmers

  • Raw, Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • High in protein
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Tolerated by Diabetics
  • Certified Kosher


Gluten Free African Grain

Use it in:

Fonio is the smallest in the millet family and can be used in place of other grains in sitr-fries, baking, salads and side dishes. It can also be used as a nutrient-dense breakfast cereal.

Health Benefits

  • Fonio is a good source of Protein
  • Fonio has almost all of the Essential Amino Acids
  • Fonio is rich in Amino Acids Methionine and Cysteine
  • Rich in Essential Amino Acids
  • A gluten-free grain

Fonio: Ancient African Grain

Traditionally harvested & produced through a partnership with farmers in Benin, Africa


Fonio just so happens to be prominent right in Atacora's home around Boukombé, Benin!

Fonio starts out looking like a nice, green lawn, and at maturity looks a lot like hay. The seeds are less than a millimeter long and half as wide, and have a husk, necessitating some pretty serious work to make it ready to eat.

Harvest is done BY HAND with HOMEMADE KNIVES. Harvesters make sheaves and set them to dry, before hand-threshing and adolescents stomp the sheaves to remove the grain. It is then winnowed in traditional flat basketry.

Women pound the grain in traditional wooden mortars to remove the husks, and winnow again. The grain is then washed three times to remove sand, redried and cooked.

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Our Quality Difference

Because our products are lightly processed using traditional methods, our levels of vitamins, essential nutrients and purity are unmatched by other Baobab and competing food & skin-care lines.

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