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Baobab S
You may recognize Baobab, The African Tree of Life, from the children’s book The Little Prince or from one of Disney’s classics, the Lion King. Little reference however has been given to the powerful fruit that grows deep within the tree branches, the baobab fruit. For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on the baobab fruit as it is quickly becoming one of the leading superfruits within the natural industry.


What makes Baobab Superfruit ‘super’?

Besides its great taste and versatility in the kitchen baobab superfruit powder offers numerous health benefits. It is:

Rich in Vitamin C

One of the highest plant sources of calcium

Rich in Electrolytes

A PREbiotic

Rich in fiber

High in Antioxidants

Singled Sourced- nothing added, 100% pure

Taste Great

Easy to use

Can offer digestive support


How do you use baobab superfruit powder?

Easy to use

, baobab superfruit powder can be added to smoothies, fruit fillings, or bake mixes. With being a busy mom, one of my favorite ways to use it is to simply add it to water or sprinkle it on my cereal in the morning.



Why use baobab superfruit powder?

I know it can be tiring learning about all of the new natural trends and trying to integrate new healthy habits into everyday life however, baobab superfruit powder is one that should not be passed up. After using it for 3 days in a row, you can really feel a difference.



Choosing the right baobab superfruit powder!

Not all baobab superfruit powder can be treated as equal and of the same quality! The majority of the baobab

 superfruit powder on the market offers 15% – 30% daily recommended value of Vitamin C and passes through many hands however, Atacora Baobab Superfruit Powder offers 70% daily recommended value of Vitamin C, comes direct from the producing groups themselves, and is certified organic.


Baobab Superfruit Powder is a non-GMO, gluten free functional food derived from the African Tree of Life! It truly is a super food and the next trend setter of 2017!

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