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It has been an exciting year of change for us at Atacora and we are happy to present you with our new products, and our new look.  We have gone through a huge rebranding and have been working with one of the top marketing agencies in the industry to help us truly distinguish our products.

 New Name, New Look, New Style

Our commitment to our Fair Partnership mission remains unshakeable.  Our new branding will put our mission at the forefront, for all to see!  It may seem risky to use social activism as our company identifier, but that is precisely who we are, and what holds us above the competition in the industry.  Our customers have responded so warmly to our mission, that we feel it is time to really highlight it.   In addition, we will be offering some new packaging sizes and styles for our customers’ convenience.  Our products will be branded as ‘Atacora’, dropping the ‘Essential’, and wait ’til you see our awesome new labels!  Here is a little teaser of our new logo!

Atacora Baobab Suppliers

Our 2013 Products Have Arrived
Our 2013 batch of conventional Baobab Superfruit Powder, Baobab Body Oil, and African Neem Oil has just arrived from Africa and we are in the process of packaging and labeling these products.  Please check back in a few weeks to see our complete new look and products that we offer.
For the first time ever, we will be offering Organic Baobab Fruit Pulp and Organic Baobab Body Oil to our customers.  Both have been selling well in the African retail market, as well as to our bulk customers around the world.
With the demand for Organic Baobab products on the rise, we are certifying 300 more Baobab producers this year and expanding production for 2014.

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