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The Holidays are right around the corner and my mouth is already watering. I am cooking things up in my mind all day, and daydreaming of my mom’s homemade Sweet Potatoes with honey and cinnamon, topped with bubbling marshmallows.



Cooking For The Holidays; Quick, Easy and Delicious!

The holidays are my favorite time of year, where I allow myself to indulge and experiment with new recipes. I come from a long line of big cookers, nowadays called “foodies”. It doesn’t matter whose recipe it is, we will try it if it piques our pallet. Some of my favorite recipes have not only been handed down through the years, or dog-eared in my grandma’s cookbooks, but also created by me. I want to bring something new each year to my family’s and friends’ table.

I try to keep a great outlook on using already pretty good recipes and tweaking them into my own, which I call “mommy’s homemade treats”. A lot of times this starts out with the ingredients on a box of pre-mixed muffin or bread mix. Then I will add and subtract different ingredients to customize the recipe. This adds my own homemade twist, and saves a ton of time.

African Honey, The Key Ingredient!


Recently, I tried Raw African Honey and it brought joy to my heart, as I found something that has exquisite taste and multiple uses. Immediately, I thought about the holidays and how I could use it to dazzle everyone at the table. 

Before I started working on my holiday recipes, I decided to substitute African Honey for other sweeteners, as a healthy alternative and as a flavor booster. I added it to muffins, pumpkin bread, sweet potatoes, and a few other things. Oh my! The flavor was decadent, not to mention it helped me create a homemade, healthier, sensually delicious creation.

Honey has become my go-to secret ingredient for years now. However, this African Honey is like no other honey that I have ever used. I can transform plain chicken into a gourmet entrée using honey mustard, and pumpkin bread into a healthy snack that is so aromatic, everyone knows I am baking.

It has a very distinct yummy taste and smell

For traditional honey baked ham, or sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon, the best, exquisite honey I have every used is Raw African Honey.

Raw African honey is rare and complex. As soon as I saw it, and opened up the barrel, I was intrigued in its dark amber coloring and the substantial thickness it appeared to have. I had to try it, and once I did, I started making my own raw honey recipes.

Using Raw Honey Everyday

The aroma of Raw African Honey is layered and complex in character. When cooked at high temperatures, it holds the most amazing flavor and aroma that is lacking in my store-bought honey. I also use it on pancake Sundays, in morning smoothies, and for my youngest son’s favorite snack, banana sliced open with peanut butter layered in and drizzled with honey.

If you are a foodie like I am, or looking to really add some depth to one of your favorite holiday recipes this is a must-try ingredient. It has now become a staple ingredient in my pantry that I always keep on hand.

Happy Cooking!

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