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Ancient grains have become a popular fare in the past few years. Quinoa is the most popular, but there is one you may not have heard of that is quickly gaining popularity, Fonio. Fonio is native to African regions and comes in multiple varieties, most commonly, white and black. It has a long history of use and an even longer list of health benefits. There are two major groups that stand to benefit from incorporating this grain into their diets.


Fonio and Diabetes

Suffers of Diabetes know the effects certain foods and their grain make up have on blood sugar levels. Fonio has a lower glycemic index and absorbs into the body more gradually. This means it efficiently releases needed energy decreasing a chance for low or high blood sugar levels. The grain contains properties that help to manage glucose levels and minerals that decrease inflammation.

Fonio and Celiac Disease

Having Celiac Disease means certain grains have an adverse effect on your body. Ingesting gluten when you have celiac can lead to damage of the small intestine which causes bloating and other digestive issues. This grain is naturally gluten free and can be consumed without effecting the the digestive system in negative ways. Fonio actually aids in digestion because it contains a large quantity of fiber which can reduce bloating, stomach problems, and bowels.

Other Health Benefits:

  • A healthy energy booster

  • Decrease chances of cardiovascular issues like heart disease

  • Strengthen hair and nails

  • Detox the body

Fonio has a consistency somewhere between quinoa and couscous, and is steadily becoming a popular replacement in many dishes. There are plenty of health benefits and ways to consume it daily. Fonio can be eaten as a cereal, put in stir fry and salads, made as a side dish, or as a replacement for rice in risotto. There are so many delicious ways to cook it, there’s no excuse not to incorporate it into your diet!


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