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Baobab oil is packed with antioxidants. This prized oil contains Vitamins A and E, as well as 9 essential fatty acids. It blends flawlessly into skin care formulations and absorbs easily into the skin. It is also great to use by itself by rubbing small amounts into the skin.


The Secrets of Baobab Oil

  • Helps to protect skin against the harsh weather changes and keeping it supple and smooth.
  • Vitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6, & 9 are known for the regeneration of skin cells that improve skin elasticity, and help repair aging skin.

  • Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients used by major cosmetics formulators for “anti aging creams and serums”.  

  • It is remarkably stable against rancidity. Properly stored in a cool place away from light, you can enjoy this oil for the recommended 3 year shelf life without losing any of its wonderful properties.

    The Secret Superfood for Your Skin



Baobab Body Oil is not only great as part of a daily skin regimen; it leaves no greasy residue on the skin. It absorbs so quickly into the skin, right where it is needed and starts rejuvenating the skin immediately. It won’t clog pores or rub off on your clothes.

I have recommended the pure body oil to my friends who suffer from adult acne with dry skin and to their children who suffer from adolescent acne. Whatever skin ailment you may have, it can help soothe and getting you back to the beautiful person you see yourself to be.

One of my friends favorite TV shows is Modern Family. Heaven always says that since she started using baobab oil, she feels like she is becoming her own Gloria. 



The Baobab tree holds many ancient traditions and uses. It is protected and worshiped in Africa. Not one part of the Baobab tree is overlooked for its medicinal and nutritional properties. 



Atacora Baobab Body Oil is created by cold pressing the seeds from the baobab fruit. Our Oil is traditionally hand-processed in Africa with the finest seeds and oldest secrets and wisdom of retrieving this oil from the baobab seed. We are happy to see its secrets becoming available here in the U.S. We were delighted to find that many high end cosmetics companies like Sephora are using it in their serums. Atacora offers to you, Baobab Body Oil in its pure most potent form, without any other additives or chemical binders.  


The Baobab tree is known as the Tree of Life in Africa for its many of uses. Baobab leaves, seeds, oil, fruit powder and root bark are revered for their many nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal uses. The oil has some particularly remarkable benefits.

5 Benefits of Baobab Oil


1. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


2. Provides rapid relief of dry, chapped, cracked skin


3. Provides relief for symptoms of eczema and psoriasis


4. Intense immediate absorption leaving no clogged pores or greasy feeling


5. Deeply moisturizes and repairs scalp and hair

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