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Red Palm Product Page
One ingredient that all people who follow a plant-based diet need to know about is Virgin Red Palm Oil, a high heat cooking oil that is rich in antioxidant Vitamins A and E. This aromatic oil fights free radicals, supporting healthy cardio and neuro function, while offering more Vitamin A than any other food.

Hard to believe, I know, but there is more!

Virgin Red Palm Oil has the highest alpha-carotene level among any plant source, including high levels of beta carotene, tocopherols and tocotrienols.  It has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and increase brain function. It tastes great, is easy to use, and is versatile in the kitchen. No wonder why scholars call it ‘one of the most miraculous oil’!


How Does Red Palm Oil taste?

Amazing! Red Palm Oil has a lightly sweet and spicy flavor and is perfect in sauces, stir-fries, and soups. When heated, it has almost a buttery texture, that lightly coats other ingredients.


How To Use Virgin Red Palm Oil?

1) Sauces-
Ideal for warm sauces, add a few teaspoons of red palm oil to any mix. Alternatively, heat a few Tablespoons of Atacora Red Palm Oil in a sauce
pan, add a pinch of salt and a pinch of cayan pepper, for a rich, healthy sauce.

2) Soups- One of our favorites! Add 1 teaspoon of Atacora Red Palm Oil to 1 cup of broth. It adds great flavor and beautiful color, especially when the soup is loaded with colorful veggies.

3) Stir-fries- Depending on the desired flavor, Red Palm Oil can be mixed with other oils, or it can be used by itself. Simply heat the oil(s) in a pan, add veggies, stir and serve.

4) Grains- When added to boiling water when making rice, couscous, or quinoa, the palm oil quickly absorbs into the grain, adding essential nutrients, flavor, and beautiful color. Add 2 Tablespoons to one cup of dry grain.


5) By Its Self- For everyday wellness, take 1 Tablespoons of Atacora Red Palm Oil a day. This is a quick and easy way to experience the health benefits of Red Palm Oil.

Where Does Red Palm Oil Come From?

Red Palm Oil comes from the flesh of the red palm fruit. The fruit is separated from the seeds, then boiled, to pull the oil out of the fruit. Once the oil separates, the water is then removed, leaving a thick red / orange oil.

Oil Palms are native to West Africa, and are now widely grown in Southeast Asia and South America. It is important to note that not all Palm Oil is produced sustainably and can result in deforestation and child labor.

Please read labels and be conscious of where you source your Red Palm Oil from. Just like any other plant-based ingredient, sustainable Red Palm Oil does exists, just be aware that not all palm oil is produced the same.

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