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We are happy to report that for the first time, Atacora was inspected by Ecocert ICO for Organic certification at our office in Olympia, Wa.  It went very well and after three hours of inspection, we gathered a wealth of information.  As soon as we receive our Organic Certificate, we will be able to offer both Organic Baobab Fruit Powder and Organic Baobab Oil to our customers.

Baobab Fruit

Increasing Organic Baobab Production

At the end of the month, Dave is heading back to Africa for a very exciting trip.  He will be guiding our Beninese team through
Organic Baobab
pre-inspection preparations, monitoring the inspection and performing post-inspection duties.  These include running large group training sessions on organic production protocol for the hundreds of producers.  This is a specialty of Dave’s, and he is really looking forward to it!
Important missions for Dave’s trip:
  • following the supply chains for our products in development, such as Virgin Red Palm Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and more.  Our Fair Partnership mission is our heartbeat.  We need to verify that our partner producers are good environmental stewards and follow better-than-Fair-Trade standards for workers and growers, prioritize uplifting rural women from poverty, and, of course, practice excellent food safety protocol.
  • construct a new work building at our facility in Kouporgou to handle our expanded production.
  • creating more employment for the local women!
  • oh, and not to forget, there’s alot of fun to be had when Dave sees all the folks he’s known for 20+ years!
African Community Development
Please check back as we will be doing weekly updates as Dave travels through Africa!

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