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Moringa is known by many names across the world and is often used in the fight against malnutrition. But what can the bright green leaves from one of the most nutrient rich plants in existence do for you? Moringa contains at least 9 essential amino acids which are essential building blocks to so many of our bodily processes. Being nutrient rich means Moringa is a good source of iron, calcium, and magnesium among other vitamins and minerals. Each vitamin and mineral provides support to our bodies in unique ways.

Moringa Powder


Moringa Benefits

To begin with, the vitamin A content leads to better vision and strong healthy teeth (and bones). The iron content provides necessary nutrients that supplement the lifestyles of vegans, vegetarians, and even anemics. Moringa is a good source of protein which keeps us fuller longer and helps regulate metabolism. The bright green plant promotes overall healthy digestion and normal kidney and liver function. It even reduces inflammation through a combination of flavonoids and antioxidants. Sure, there are a lot of benefits of adding moringa leaf powder into one’s daily diet, but if you aren’t convinced yet here are three more benefits:

Creates Energy + Decreases Fatigue

The combination of iron and magnesium increase the levels within our bodies which lessen the effects of fatigue. It’s also been found to lower stress levels which is one benefit everyone can find the good in. Because moringa supports a healthy metabolism it gives off a steady burst of energy from the body’s new surplus.


Get Healthy Skin

We all hope to lessen the effects of aging brought on by the free radicals we encounter every day. High levels of free radicals exposure cause dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles to the skin, and even lead to an increase in chronic diseases, but there are ways to counteract this damage. Moringa contains a significant amount of Vitamins A & E. These fight aging and give us vibrant, radiant looking skin. Antioxidant rich foods protect and reduce damage to skin cells. This minimizes the aging process because it improves our cellular structure.


Boost the Immune System

Boosting our immune system is a priority especially when the weather begins to change. No one likes getting sick, and Moringa can help maintain healthy immune function. Superfoods contain significant amounts of the vitamins our bodies need to fight off the bad guys we encounter daily that attempt to make us sick. If that isn’t enough there is also ongoing research about the effects of Moringa breast and colon cancer.

The Benefits Don’t Stop there!

Moringa can lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and even lessen arsenic toxicity. The leaves of the Moringa plant are the most nutritious of the plant. Grinding them into a powder makes for easier consumption. This makes receiving all the crucial benefits simple. Add the powder into juices, smoothies, or sauces. Our powder adds a nutty, earthy flavor to any green smoothie while promoting a healthy source for all day energy. Moringa is highly nutritious and can help those suffering from a lack of essential nutrients.


Atacora Moringa Powder

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