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With the rising trend of Gluten-Free dieting, we offer this simple guide on how to cook without using products that may contain gluten:

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1) Become familiar with grains and starches that are gluten-free. Wheat and Barley both have gluten in them and make up most grain based products, however, there are many other grains that are gluten-free. To learn more about gluten-free grains click here.


2) Read labels to avoid gluten in processed food. Ingredients with gluten in them often are used in prepackaged, processed food as fillers. When reading labels, if you see the gluten-free label on the package, you know you are in the clear, however, if you do not see the symbol, read the ingredients closely. Click here for a list of common processed foods that generally contain gluten.


3) Label your ingredients and flours in your kitchen. By clearly labeling the ingredients in your pantry, you will avoid cross contamination. Often, gluten-free flours and bake mixes look very similar to those with gluten in them. By labeling each ingredient you will easily know the difference between the two. Tip: I have a shelf in my pantry that is dedicated to gluten-free products. In doing so, it is very easy for me to identify the ingredients I need to use, depending on who I am cooking for.


4) Try different gluten-free bake mixes. Any major natural food store has gluten-free bake mixes available. Using these pre-made bake mixes makes your life easier when preparing

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gluten-free meals. Simply replace the flour portion of a recipe with the mix. All of the bake mixes taste different so find which one works best for you.


Breaking old habits and changing your diet can be challenging, however, by following the
steps above, you will find that cooking gluten-free is not as hard as it may seem!

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