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Here we are in a brand new year!  The Atacora family wishes you all the very best of health and happiness for 2015!  Both the Beninese and the U.S. Teams continue to work tirelessly to bring you the finest African wellness ingredients to promote a very healthy New Year.

We have finished submitting the mountains of documents for Organic recertification of our imminent Baobab production in Benin.  With nearly 900 individual fruit producers and 50+ women transformers, this is a formidable and never-ending task, but the Beninese team is on top of its game, and the system is running smoothly.


Atacora Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Body Oil are the finest available on the global natural products market.  Rich in prebiotic soluble fiber and consistently higher in Vitamin C than other suppliers, our Baobab Powder promotes digestive wellness, boosts the immune system and gives a great energy boost.  The golden-hued Baobab Oil absorbs quickly and rejuvenates skin. A perfect combo for the winter months!


In late 2014, Jacob and I set out on a tour all around Benin to identify producers of the best quality African wellness ingredients who share with us the values of Fair Partnership.  Benin remains a very poor country, where many families survive on less than $2 a day, but in terms of resources, both natural and human, It is a very rich country!  Atacora is creating strategic Fair Partnerships with Beninese social entrepreneurs to help to unlock this potential and break the chains of poverty.


Benin produces some of the best quality Shea Butter and Virgin Red Palm Oil available in the world!  We identified producers of these fine raw materials whose business models reflect our values of promoting women as primary economic actors, Fair Trade compensation and environmental stewardship.  We thought it might be difficult to identify such producers, and were pleasantly delighted to see that these concepts had already been adapted by the producers.  It seems that the rising entrepreneurial class sees clearly that, without social consciousness, real sustainable development is not possible.  Atacora is proud to put its brand on such high quality products made with such a hear!



Try our Unrefined Shea Butter in its natural state on your skin and hair to moisturize, heal and protect, or mix your own cosmetics with our Butter as the primary ingredient.

Virgin Red Palm Oil, is the tastiest new ingredient your kitchen has ever known!  A dollop on rice lends a golden hue and lots of flavor.  Lightly cook onion, garlic and fresh tomato (maybe even a little chile) in the oil to make fast, easy and delicious moyo sauce…a Beninese specialty! Substitute it for butter when baking squash, and you will taste its overwhelming goodness !

Moringa Leaf Powder is perhaps the most super of all Superfoods.  It offers huge amounts of protein, Vitamin A and calcium, all in bio-available whole food form.  Just a couple of spoonfuls in smoothies, sauces or just mixed in water gives you an enormous nutritional boost ; so much so that it is widely promoted in the developing world as a fundamental tool against child malnutrition.

I’ve always known how powerful Raw African Amber Honey is.  Its aroma and flavor are truly unique and intoxicating due to the wild shea, nèrè and baobab flowers the bees harvest pollen from.  You have never tasted anything quite like it!  This honey adds a new dimension of flavor anywhere you choose to use it.

Fonio is the Ancient Grain of the African Ancestors.  A gluten-free diet is all the rage right now.  Consuming wheat laced with pesticides and herbicides is not a great idea, regardless of gluten.  Fonio is the smallest member of the millet family, and is free of gluten.  It also has a low glycemic index, making it suitable for people suffering from diabetes.  It offers protein and lots of minerals as well, all this putting it in position as the trending grain of 2015 !  Atacora headquarters in Boukombé, Benin is smack dab in the middle of fonio country !  We offer farmers a market for their harvest, while offering consumers a delicious and healthy new cereal grain…a win-win situation !  Eat fonio as a breakfast cereal (add a little Red Palm Oil and Honey), as a porridge, to replace cous-cous (you will never go back!) or in pilafs.  This is a rare and special grain, so get yours now !

Moving Forward

For the fifth consecutive year, Atacora will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West, the largest such show in the world!  All of our products will be on display in their beautiful new packaging.  We are seeking retailers to stock our full line of African Wellness products, and also bulk customers seeking the finest ingredients for their formulations.  We can supply very large quantities of most of these products, and our producers, transformers and partners are eager to get to work on their traditional production.  Please pay us a visit at the show!

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