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Quality Baobab Powder:

Atacora Baobab Superfruit Powder is one of the finest on the market offering about 50% more Vitamin C and Antioxidants than any other brand! Not only are some of the nutrients incomparable, but its appearance and flavor is superior as well.

The social mission that accompanies Atacora Baobab Powder is also of great quality, holding women as the primary economic holders and offering them ownership in their very own bright future.

Atacora’s constant presence in our rural producer villages where we source our raw materials allows us to closely monitor harvesting methods and quality. We are directly tied to our Beninese partners, and guide the supply chain from the trees to our customers, ensuring the purest and highest quality products.

Going Beyond Fair Trade With Atacora Baobab Powder:

Made in Fair Partnership with the women and men of Benin, and founded on the principles of fair trade, Atacora expands community impact well beyond!

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-We promotes the pride of ownership of people’s collective future by revaluing natural resources and nurturing women as principle economic actors.

-We have personal relationships with all of our suppliers, and consider them partners.

-We offers suppliers and the women of our Co-op above-market prices and wages, providing nearly 900 households with needed supplemental income.

-We leave a portion of the products produced in Africa, allowing our partners to have control of the local market and create more income for their families.

As guardians of these indigenous knowledge, our Beninese partners make Atacora’s Baobab Powder the finest on the market!

Sustainably Sourced Baobab Powder:

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The Atacora team is a big family, tied by clan and village. The indigenous raw materials we purchase from growers are abundant, yet under valued in the

region. Revaluing these resources by accessing the global market promotes local environmental stewardship, and builds people’s pride in knowing that a bright future is in their own hands.

We personally train the tree growers and the women in our Co-op for best practices, helping revitalize communities and rebuild regional ties. Promoting organic production methods and resource management has a broad impact, and adds value to our products.

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The Atacora Advantage:

Atacora customers benefit from the traditional African secrets of whole body wellness. Each purchase contributes to rural communities’ economic advancement and ownership of the future.

Join the Atacora family in health and prosperity!

Interested in BULK or WHOLESALE quantities, no problem, click here to inquire about pricing and special introduction offer!

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