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I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and was shocked to see fine lines around my eyes and sunspots on my cheeks. I swear they appeared overnight. Let’s face it, your skin and body changes with age and the only control we have over the matter is how we choose to care for it.

Shocked by my discovery, I began researching vitamins, minerals and oils that could benefit aging skin, help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots. Really, I had begun looking for the ultimate skin care regime for aging skin.

My research began, and I knew that by using Baobab Oil every day, that my skin was receiving some of the

important nutrients and moisturizers it needed, however, I still wanted more. I wanted these sunspots to go away. Much to my surprise, I started reading about Vitamin C and the benefits it has on wrinkles and sunspots. “That’s it!” I thought, “the missing ingredient”.

Baobab Oil works wonders on my skin, offering Vitamins A and E, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids. I decided to try using Baobab Powder, which is is rich in Vitamin C, and has a fine consistency that could easily be mixed into a facial mask. A little Baobab powder goes a long way, so it is also a very affordable treatment.

I got to work and I mixed 1 Teaspoon of Baobab Powder with a few drops of water and massaged into my face. After letting it sit for a half hour, I washed it off with warm water and moisturized with Baobab Oil. It felt great on my skin and the long term results were even better!

I have been applying a Baobab mask four times a week and moisturizing with Baobab Oil every day for the last month. My sun spots have gotten lighter and my fine lines are disappearing! Plus, my face smells really good! I am so pleased with the results that I encouraged one of my dear friends to try using Baobab Powder as a mask and she absolutely loves it. She has gotten on the same Baobab skin care regime and is extremely pleased with the fast results.

I know many of us want to improve our skins condition and I am so excited about this new skin care regime. Not to mention, I am delighted to have found another use for this amazing superfruit. I know Baobab Powder tastes great and provides superior nutrition when taken internally, but to discover this great cosmetic use as well makes it an all-the-more Super superfruit! Here’s to combating aging skin with Baobab, the African Tree of Life. When you consider the economic benefit Baobab provides for rural African women as well, it is truly healing for mind, body and soul.




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