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Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. All of the changes occurring to your body. The hormones. The tiredness. The excitement. The flutter of little movements inside the womb. Most important though, is the life growing inside. This is a time when most women are concerned about what they consume.

Diet is one of the most important ways to help your baby and yourself. Adding superfruits is extremely beneficial. Baobab, a powerful superfruit, is an essential food choice during your pregnancy.



Baobab is an organic African superfruit. It dries naturally on the branch and has a sweet, citrusy taste. It is exceptionally high in nutrients which makes it the perfect food to add to your pregnancy diet.

Benefits of Baobab include:

  • 70% of your daily Vitamin C requirement
    • Vitamin C helps promote healthy bones, skin, gums, muscles, blood vessels and more. This vitamin is needed at higher doses during pregnancy.
  • High in Calcium while gentle on the stomach
    • Calcium is what helps your baby grow strong bones and teeth. It also helps your developing baby grow a healthy heart and starts a normal heart rhythm and blood clotting abilities.
  • Helps with morning sickness
    • As many as 90% of women experience some form of nausea while expecting. This can lead to dehydration. Adding baobab powder to a glass of water can help settle the stomach and keep up hydration.
  • Helps with constipation
    • Pregnancy can slow down the digestive system. Baobab is almost 50% fiber, but in a gentle form to helps keep things moving. No need for harsh chemical laden laxatives.
  • Energy booster
    • Tiredness and loss of energy is the most common complaint during pregnancy. With it’s energy yielding properties this fruit helps with the reduction of fatigue.

The key to a healthy pregnancy is balance. Eat good nutritional food. Get plenty of rest and exercise. It’s okay to splurge every now and then (don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up). Adding in baobab can help supplement your healthy eating regime and get you and your baby off on the right foot.


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