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The natural market is opening wide for both Atacora Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Body Oil. This is very exciting news indeed, and it makes it all the more important that we negotiate a win-win relationship with our more than 500 producers of whole baobab fruit.  Atacora is a different kind of company.  The partnership we have established with our communities is based on fairness and trust.

All too often, companies have undervalued producers and the fine products they make for the sake of a greater profit margin.  We disagree.  If everyone from the producers to the owners comes out okay, the relationship can endure, the supply can continue and the shared future will be brighter!

Traditionally, baobab trees belong to the men, and the transformation of the fruit into powder and seeds, and the marketing thereof, is the domain of the women.  It is the African Women who hold the indigenous skill and the traditional knowledge of product transformation.  We ensure that all members of producer households benefit from the sale of their fruit, and that good jobs are provided for the women of our Fair Partnership Co-op.

It is essential that these women get fair trade wages for their skills and knowledge, and the producers get fair trade prices for the whole baobab fruit that grow on their land. This gives communities a sense of ownership of their own future.

Much of Africa is rich in ressources, both natural and human, but people all too often are still mired in poverty despite all this.  Women are 50% or more of the population but remain economically marginalized. Atacora strives to change this by revaluing these ressources; offering fair prices and livable wages for badly needed supplemental income at the village level .

I invite you to take a look at our Fair Partnership model which goes beyond Fair Trade:

  • It is a partnership with our African communities!
  • It is a vehicle of positive change!
  • It is a way to revalue resources!
  • It is based on respect and trust!
  • It is a way to earn livable wages!

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