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September 19:  
I felt crappy all day, running a mild fever.  Always makes me worry about malaria, even though I take my meds.  I rested in bed on and off all day.  I did get a good night’s sleep for the first time since my arrival.
September 20:
Abel Adje, our dutiful and skilled management and business consultant, arrived from Togo at 1:00 AM.  He was already working at 6:30 when I got up.  
baobab tree
Around 8, Jacob, Abel, Antoine myself, Veronique and Fiacre began in earnest to prepare for the arrival of the organic inspectors.  We went through our producers lists, and made sure that every one had the corresponding contract, visit reports and all other required documentation.  
Around 10, the four chiefs had a very important meeting to discuss the successes and difficulties of 2013 
Baobab production, and how to improve for 2014.  We agree that we need to shuffle personnel, and recruit 2 if not 3 much more educated, skilled and motivated people to operate the production system.  
I encouraged hiring Clémence, a highly educated native women, to run 
Baobab field inspection.  We all know she is qualified, has integrity and fits the bill.  However, Abel and Antoine are reticent because they feel it would be nearly impossible to keep the personal and the professional from creating friction.  A follow up meeting is to ensue.
I then suggested that we should have an open recruitment, and if she passes muster, then OK.  I also stressed that we need a smart woman near the top. We also really need to expand our 
Baobab facilities and get better transportation. All of this requires money… scratching my head where to find it.  We also decided to completely separate the local market from the export market all the way through the supply chain.
No more company funds to support it.  It will be the domain of the Beninese team, with costs and benefits in their charge, with a percentage for the company to cover fuel, office, use of equipment, etc.  
Fair Partnership is not always comfortable or convenient!

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