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Atacora is a value-based, African company that promotes social justice through Fair Partnership, women’s empowerment, and environmental stewardship. Our mission is to provide livable wages to small, isolated communities. It is not the easiest way to operate, but we feel it is important to be a shining example of a for-profit company that gives its producers and suppliers much more than they would make in typical daily earnings. As we continue to grow as a company, so does the income of our suppliers and producers.


To be able to increase the income of these small communities, we are expanding Atacora’s line of African products. We offer direct-sourced West African botanicals and unique handmade African crafts. By offering both, we are able to increase the amount of jobs and income to these small isolated areas.

Timuti bracelet weavers

Recently, a great deal of attention has been brought to our Baobab Superfruit Powder as the emerging leader in the superfruit industry because of its digestive benefit, high antioxidant content, and thickening properties. Many people have been using it in smoothies, drink mixes, and baking mixes. Thanks to high demand, we are expanding the number of Fair Trade producers and workers who benefit. The women who work at our Fair Partnership co-op are amazing at producing the highest quality products using traditional methods.

Fresh Baobab Fruit Pulp

We officially formed the Atacora Women’s Co-op over four years ago and work with them every day. After spending a great deal of time with the ladies, and talking about all of the potential products they could make, we decided to start offering their unique, hand crafted African items to our customers.

Handmade Timuti Bracelets

We started by offering African Timuti Bracelets. These African Bracelets are hand-dyed and woven from wild timuti straw and are unique to the Batammaba people of the Atacora region of Benin. Once we saw that selling these bracelets had a positive financial effect for these women, we wanted to offer more products so these communities could truly start coming out of poverty. So, we expanded our African craft line by offering handmade African bags, perfect for books, shopping and the beach!.

Handmade African Tote Bag

It is important to Atacora to offer as many products as possible, and we are always working with the women in Africa to come up with new sustainable products. We have a very personal relationship with each and every supplier and producer, and it is our mission to offer them a possibility to grow as a community, have access to health care, be able to better feed and clothe their family, and send their children to schools.

African kids in school

The support of our customers has made it possible for us to begin to achieve our goal of continuing to make living conditions better within these communities. Every African craft item and every product sold yields more proceeds for these communities, and we would not be able to make the positive effect we are making without the support of our customers.

Huge Baobab Tree

So THANK YOU for continually making this a possibility and being a part of our mission!


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