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Indiegogo is an online crowd-funding platform whereby people can donate to worthy entrepreneurial ventures to help them ‘jumpstart’ their business. Today, Atacora launched our own indiegogo campaign (to view our campaign click here) to help us expand our production and meet the demands of the growing market for Baobab and other great African natural products.  By expanding our production capacity, organically certifying and exhaustively lab testing our products, we will create more employment for the women and men of Benin, West Africa, which provides families with improved access to education (especially the girls!), health care services and better nutrition.

We crafted this video to truly show the heart and soul of our company and intimitely portray our partners and family in Africa.  This is a deeply personal mission for us, and means the world to the people of the Atacora region.  We ask that you please take the time to watch this video, as it is our Fair Partnership mission that drives our company.

 Certified Organic Baobab

Every day, we work very hard to open access to global markets for these valuable natural products in order to create more employment for women, be able to purchase more raw materials from farmers and bring African health traditions to the world.  The natural products marketplace is opening wide and embracing Baobab as the best of all superfruits!  In order to respond to customers’ needs, we need to increase production, and add the important values of organic certification and thorough laboratory analysis of our products, we really need to upgrade. Organic Certification is a crucial element to market appeal and thorough scientific testing for all of our products is a requirement for export, import and quality assurance.  These upgrades to the operation require a significant up-front investment, and will help us to better market our wares.  This is precisely why we are starting an Indiegogo campaign!  The boost of added value that a successful campaign would provide for Atacora would positively touch the lives of our growing community in Benin.


Baobab Fruit

Atacora Baobab Facility

Baobab is really taking off in the global natural foods marketplace!  People want more than we can currently produce.  We really need to expand our storage and work area by putting up a simple but solid building.  More production would create more employment and expand the market for raw materials in our region.  Cement, roofing, doors and windows and labor are all costly.

Baobab Fruit

Be Apart of the Change

We invite you to be apart of this change and help make a difference in our African families lives. We could not do it without the support of our amazing customers and loyal friends, and it is because of you that we can continue to offer livable wages to these small isolated villages. 




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