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baobab tree
The demand of bulk Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Body Oil for use as ingredients in nutritional and cosmetic formulas, respectively, is on the rise due to their extraordinary properties.  Atacora is responding to demand by expanding our production facilities and bringing hundreds more Baobab Fruit producers from the remote villages of the Atacora region of into our growing family.

Atacora’s bulk pricing for both Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Body Oil are more than competitive, as we are the direct producers and suppliers. From the trees to our customers! Many competitors’ supply chains are very long, both diluting the benefit enjoyed by the producers and driving up the price for end users. We have personal relationships with every one of our producers and their families. They benefit directly from the proceeds of their fruit sales, and our customers benefit from the absence of intermediaries. Creating a win-win situation for everyone in our supply chain is part of our credo.

All of Atacora’s products are sustainably sourced and traditionally hand-processed by the women in our Fair Partnership Co-op. Our small, isolated African producer communities earn badly needed supplemental cash income from an otherwise undervalued and under-utilized product. Our Fair Partnership model adds value to our already superior products, lending further credence to our customers’ products as well.

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