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Atacora Essential
For the second consecutive year, Atacora Essential has been invited to place our Baobab Fruit Pulp in the gift bags for the 800 attendees of Dr. & Mrs. Oz’s noteworthy charity, HealthCorps’ Grassroots Garden Gala in New York City.  The entire Atacora Family, from the tree-growers, to the ladies at our Fair Trade Co-op and all those who contribute to our mission, are deeply grateful for the opportunity not onlt to publicize our products and mission, but also to support such an important cause.

Given the rise of obesity, diabetes and heart disease

in our population, HealthCorps has set about to integrate better health and fitness education into school curricula nationwide, in attempt to promote lifelong healthy lifestyles. Quoting their website,  The HealthCorps curriculum is composed of three sections — Mental Resilience, Nutrition and Fitness. This curriculum is aimed at both educating students and providing a holistic and relevant view of the role health plays in their lives.  Their integrated approach includes policy initiatives, research and advocacy.  Sustaining our society’s well-being counts on this type of initiative, and we salute HealthCorps for their efforts.

Atacora Essential believes that promoting health and wellness requires a systemic, global approach.  Certainly, people’s choices of what to eat and what to apply to our bodies figure prominently in this approach.  A healthy diet can be the best medicine, and an unhealthy one can have very negative effects on our health.

Atacora’s flagship product, Baobab Fruit Pulp,

Baobab Fruit Pulp
is rich in both insoluble and prebiotic soluble fiber, and promotes healthy digestion by helping healthy, probiotic bacteria to colonize the intestinal track.  This helps to improve nutrient uptake, and has positive effects throughout the human body system.  Baobab is also an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C and many essential minerals. Atacora has provided 800 jars of this stellar superfruit for the Grassroots Garden Gala.

Atacora’s cold-pressed Baobab Seed Oil is a pure and rich emolliant oil for skin and hair care.  It provides antioxidant Vitamins A & E, which are easily absorbed due to the rich Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids in the oil.  The oil is readily absorbed by the skin

Baobab Oil
and is non-greasy.  It is great for massage, and can be directly applied to the skin and hair as a facial serum and excellent moisturizer.

African Neem Oil is another effective skin care oil in Atacora’s portfolio.  Known for millenia in Ayurvedic medicine for it’s moisturizing, antimicrobial, antifungal and paraciticidal qualities, neem oil is truly the “Village Pharmacy”.  It is a product of many uses.  It offers an

African Neem Oil
added, indirect health benefit for its ability to control insect pests for organic gardening applications, an important factor in healthy eating choices.

Spiritual health is also a great factor in overall well-being.  All of Atacora’s products have the added value of contributing to the advancement of social justice, gender equality and environmental stewardship.  Atacora’s trademarked Fair Partnership business model goes beyond Fair Trade to encourage African communities’ ownership of their collective futures.  The producers of raw materials receive above-market prices for their products, increasing their market viability and promoting the conservation of the forest.  The Co-op ladies are salaried well above what they could earn from their agricultural production or small commerce ventures locally.  Fair Partnership has already had a positive and direct economic effect on nearly 300 families in the Atacora region of northern Benin.  Consumers of Atacora’s fine products are the engine for this sustainable community development initiative.

Again, great thanks go out to Dr. Oz and HealthCorps for inviting Atacora Essential to share its products and mission, while contributing to their mission of health education.

Fair Partnership

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