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Moringa Powder: The Miracle Herb

Moringa is known by many names across the world and is often used in the fight against malnutrition. But what can the bright green leaves from one of the most nutrient rich plants in existence do for you? Moringa contains at least 9 essential amino acids which are...

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FONIO: Benefits of adding this new grain to your diet

Have you heard about the up and coming grain that could end Quinoa’s reign as the most popular grain? Fonio is a grain grown throughout West Africa, and is one of the oldest harvested grains. The grain comes in two varieties but white, also called “hungry rice,” is...

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How Does Baobab Powder Compare To Other Superfoods?

Superfoods are everywhere today, and it can be a little overwhelming. What is a superfood? What are the health benefits? What makes them “super?” What makes one seemingly better than another? Never fear we have created a guide for you so you can know just what adding...

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Baobab Mango Smoothie Bowl

If you have yet to fall in love with mangoes, this baobab smoothie bowl will change that! Mangoes are nothing short of tantalizing with their intoxicating aroma, soft, juicy flesh and rich, sweet flavor that can sometimes have a tart undertone! See below for full...

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Vegan Baobab Strawberry Almond Smoothie

It's summer time which means there is an abundance of sweet, juicy strawberries! Put them to good use in this delicious Baobab, Strawberry & Almond Smoothie. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. Is BAOBAB still a foreign word to you? See below...

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Trending Now: Baobab Superfruit Powder

You may recognize Baobab, The African Tree of Life, from the children's book The Little Prince or from one of Disney's classics, the Lion King. Little reference however has been given to the powerful fruit that grows deep within the tree branches, the baobab fruit....

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The Health Benefits of Fonio: The Nutritious Superfood

Ancient grains have become a popular fare in the past few years. Quinoa is the most popular, but there is one you may not have heard of that is quickly gaining popularity, Fonio. Fonio is native to African regions and comes in multiple varieties, most commonly, white...

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Best “At Your Desk” Office Yoga Poses

Staring at computers while sitting in uncomfortable chairs can leave our backs feeling stiff, our hips and shoulders feeling tight, and our minds feeling burnt out. Skipping out to attend a yoga class midday just isn't an option for many. Never fear there is a...

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Baobab Raspberry & Banana Smoothie Bowl

The cold weather can't keep us away from smoothie bowls! Today we made good use of some fresh raspberries that we picked up at a local farmers market over the weekend. This Baobab Raspberry & Banana Smoothie Bowl is a must try recipe! We added 2 teaspoons of...

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Our Mission

Our mission is to directly contribute to the fight against poverty and inequality in the region by supporting locally-designed initiatives in the fields of Education, Health Care and Environmental Susatinability.

Our Quality Difference

Because our products are lightly processed using traditional methods, our levels of vitamins, essential nutrients and purity are unmatched by other Baobab and competing food & skin-care lines.

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